So  I’ve reported to you that I visited St. Simon’s Island GA, and taught a couple of classes and all.  Did I tell you that I got to visit with Jack Davis and his family just a little bit?

They’re gracious and wonderful people.  His wife is a wonderful lady.  They’re terrific hosts, and their children and grandchildren are finer folks than you usually get to meet.


…And I totally peeked in Mr. Davis’ studio and took a shot of his Reuben Award (see if you can spot it in the photo) and his drawing table.

And if you don’t already really know who Jack Davis is, or don’t appreciate all the amazing work he’s done for all these decades, well, I think you need to Google or Bing or whatever your favorite search engine is and check it out.  Chances are you’ll hit a few magazine covers or MAD magazine/comic illustrations, or movie posters, or book covers, or something that’ll make you say, “Hey!  I remember seeing that!”  Or, “I had a copy of that” or some similar thing.

Jack Davis' StudioJackDavis' Drawing Table