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  1. TSOJ

    Ok, who called this one?

  2. kstormgemini

    Uhm… Everybody? X1

  3. AllanVS

    I am trying to save Greg’s Sanity, but NOT calling out what going to happen in the future. You should all try it. He’s on a short rope of sanity as it is…. now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta run while he unicycles after me with a Mek’leth.

    • TSOJ

      Uhh.. I don’t think he ever signed an agreement with us about that. For Greg, there is no Sanity Clause.

      • KNO3

        No worries. Sanity is for the weak.

    • AllanVS

      Does anyone know what a Mek’leth is?
      I bet Lowell would know.

      • GregCravens

        In Nerd Lore, it’s a Klingon knife or something, isn’t it? I bet I got it, didn’t I? I’m half nerd on my Mom’s side.

  4. PWhitney

    Lowell, please come to your senses and just quit. Talk to Hubris… maybe he will give you a job. You can do it!

  5. GregCravens

    My sanity has been chipped away over the years. Replaced by a compulsive need for storytelling. You guys keep on speculating. Obviously, I gotta get more devious with my plot twists.

    • TSOJ

      Lowell realizes that he has no future at Sportsmart and quits. Without Lowell there, Paste is out of a job and has to return to Outdoor Galore. With Paste back, the store can take care of itself so Hubris decides to go on a long vacation hiking the Appalachian Trail with Dusty to unwind from the fest. While Hubris is gone, Lowell asks Paste to let him live in Hubris’s basement, where he turns into a blogger for the Huffington Post (writing about fat people sports). When Hubris finishes the full hike, he comes home to see Lowell there, makes a “Newman” joke, and turns straight, taking on a job at his father’s company as a 9-5 accountant for the rest of his life.

      • GregCravens

        Great. Now I gotta re-qrite the next 9 months of cartoons.

        • FeelinForYa

          That’s okay Greg, we still luv’ya. Even if we keep you going on trying to outdo us :)

          As for Sanity Clause, all professional artists are given a * on that one, if we’re not dancing to the beat of a different drummer, how would we be inspired to do our art. So unless you’re drawing with a crayon in your toes on the padding of your rubber room because you’re in a straight jacket; you’re “just being an artist” not not-sane. :)

          • GregCravens

            Y’know, I was recently thinking how fun it would be to have a studio with nice white walls that I could spend the next years covering with tiny Sergio-style Marginals cartoons. It’d be fun to use as a gallery-space, too. People could stare at the walls for HOURS.
            Maybe that’s not EXACTLY like scribbling on the padded walls, but it’s got a shadow of similarity.

          • sighthndman

            THAT explains “Cronus Devouring His Children” on the walls of Goya’s home.
            (Actual size approx 5′ x 3′ or 140 cm x 80 cm if you’re inclined that way. [Note that the approximations are not the same, since they’re different approximations to the true measurements.])

  6. FeelinForYa

    But if Lowell had brains, he has the pink slip Ed gave him and say “You Fired me, YOU go find them.” And keep that pink slip. And hold out for IN WRITING a no-fire clause for (long enough to retire) and a serious raise. Surely that has to be cheaper for Ed than going to find every last one of those balloons. Think, Lowell, Think! You got Ed over a barrel.

    Wanna know what Ms Wiggins-Ross has to say, surely she heard Ed spout off. I bet he gets to sleep with the lawnmower as his new roomie as he’s not getting any until he makes up for that one. You bet it’ll be cheaper to pay off Lowell….

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