Hubris- The Line of Firing

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  1. TSOJ

    Ms. Wiggins-Ross: “We just didn’t want you to go running to the lawyers, is all.”

    • KNO3

      I bet the lawyer is still within shouting distance though…

  2. FeelinForYa

    Yep… or at least chased off Chase R….

    Still waiting to see who ends up with Paste and where Lowell ends up as well. Still hedging that Lowell is Ed’s luuuv child, and heir. heheheh.

  3. PWhitney

    Maybe Lowell will have an epiphany and lose his desire to try and run Hubris out of business… and maybe Hurbis will hire him. Can you see Paste & Lowell working together at the Outdoor Galore Store? The adventures they would have would be quite entertaining!

  4. AllanVS


  5. Crazeyal Dah Debil
    Crazeyal Dah Debil

    PWhitney, Lowell doesn’t have a desire to run Hubris out of business, he thinks it is an inevitability because of his knowledge of corporate shenanigans. He’s right, on that… He’s just now learning that “right by Might” includes HIM into the equation.

    • FeelinForYa

      And that is Lowell’s strength in this, if he has evidence of Sportsmart shenanigans. Enough of a sticky widget over the couple of ‘ghost employees’ that were then able to participate as team members… Paste is under 14. Sic’m.

  6. Crazeyal Dah Debil
    Crazeyal Dah Debil

    Err.. an inevitability that they will TRY.. Hubris is gonna kick henie!

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