Hubris- Just Guessing

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  1. TSOJ

    Hubris: “I’m sorry to see that you’ve lost your job, “Joel”. I wanted to be the one to fire you.”

    • KNO3

      Nah, Hubris got more class than that.

  2. FeelinForYa

    I think Hubris is way too tired to do that gloaty thing.

    So now what, Lowell works at Outdoor Galore? Better yet, Lowell goes finds Chase R. Ambule and sic’s Mr. Honcho and Ms. Wiggins-Ross. It wasn’t Lowell’s fault that the outdoorfest ended the way it did…

    And all those balloons with SportsSmart coupons that are floating around causing environmental hazards and pollution, are probably going to show up to bite Mr. Honcho…

  3. KNO3

    I think Lowell won if he can figure out why.

  4. TSOJ

    I like Lowell’s finger extending past the panel line in panel 3. That is a really nice effect.

    • AllanVS

      Greg is a pretty slick kinda guy. NEXT we’ll have Hubris 3D – without the glasses, or special screens.

  5. Carcharadon

    As with many pink slips given to me or others, I did not see this one coming… interesting twist.

  6. AllanVS

    Now that Lowell has been fired from Sportsmart by Tru… I mean Honcho, where will he work? What will happen to Paste?

    • KNO3

      Guessing Paste will get Lowell’s job and Lowell will get Paste’s job. Though I think Hubris isn’t stupid enough to hire Lowell.

  7. Zims

    I’m kind of upset about that. Yeah, comeuppance is sweet, but at the same time, Lowell’s been a loyal and devoted employee, willing to go to humiliating and painful lengths to obey his bosses. Even attending the Fest is outside of his job description, much less competing in it. And his reward is “Hey, we misjudged our ability to hijack our competitor’s hard work, you’re fired.”

    I don’t want him working for Hubris, but I can see Hubris arguing on Lowell’s behalf [with the ulterior motive of acquiring Sportsmart and firing him himself, of course. ;) ]

    On the other hand, if he gets Lowell to run the register for him he can spend more time outside.

    • Greg Cravens

      I love you guys and how well everyone knows the characters involved. I promise to convolute the storyline so as to entertain you as effectively as possible.

      • FeelinForYa

        At the moment, the next comic will define Hubris…. Does he offer Lowell a job? Does it turn out that Ed Honcho fired someone who doesn’t exist at SportSmart and Lowell still has a job… Did Ms Wiggins-Ross get fatally ticked at the ViperCola Paintball bit… and Ed Honcho don’t know what’s gonna hit him… Did those balloons get picked up and Ed Honcho/SportSmart face fines and such because of environmental impact? Is Lowell Ed Honcho’s lovechild? Is Hubris Ed Honcho’s son? Stay tuned? Where is Chase R. Ambule? heh. Heheh. heheheh.

        • Greg Cravens

          You and your speculations. It makes it very hard to surprise you guys when you’re putting as much thought into the plot as I am…

          • Zims

            I kind of want to go through the archives and catalog Lowell and his bosses’ behaviors, then make a list of pros and cons. I am really overthinking this. For the record, we’ll be happy with whatever ending you give us. :)

  8. GregCravens

    By all means… catalog all you like, but let me know what you come up with once the data has been studied. I wouldn’t be the first cartoonist to write inconsistent characters in favor of the storyline. I think I’ve kept everyone within their personalities, though. Keep overthinking, though. Makes me feel like I’m doing an adequate job. Spread the word, Team Hubris!

    • TSOJ

      In the other message thread, you asked how to change your avatar. I don’t know. I *think* if you post a comment here, there’s a link next to the name that shows up on your comment “Get a Gravatar”. Try clicking on that and follow the instructions.

      • AllanVS

        1 – We need a Police Psychologist who specializes in psychoanalysis to go back through the comics, and give up detailed makeup of the characters.
        2 – To make an avatar, go to, sign in with your WordPress account, and follow the steps.

        • KNO3

          Or a profiler…

  9. Drew

    That was an excellent series. Really enjoyed it. The after effects of everything should be interesting. Haven’t seen Paste in a while either. Of course, I kinda think after the clean up Hubris will just go for a hike or a climb and sit somewhere for a bit.

  10. kstormgemini

    We’re happy with anything you feed us Mr.Cravens. (with in reason of course. None of us, well at least Most of us aren’t dumb enough to drink that Viper Cola stuff!)
    We just enjoy seeing how well we know our faves. Thus far, as far as I can tell, you’ve been pretty honest to your creations. I haven’t seen anybody go out-of-bounds of personal reality yet with them so you’re in the clear.
    (I usually notice stuff like that. it tends to jar me when things are altered of the norm of things drastically.)

    As to whether Hubris would gloat or not… He doesn’t strike me as the type believe it or not. He only really got his back up when Lowell pushed him too far. Otherwise, he seems to leave the actual competition to himself. As in he likes to challenge himself to new heights of dumb acts of fun but any competition with an Outside entity is mostly just bi-product of them getting under foot or going the same direction he is. Much more than that is either too mean spirited for his character or simply just too much work mucking up his fun.
    At least that’s my take. You’re his creator, obviously you know him better if it’s possible To know a fictional character. n,n;

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