Hubris- All that Glittered

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  1. TSOJ

    Man, Durnell is WIPED. I hope there’s enough money in there to cover the beer he’s going to need to recharge his batteries. (That $20 is just for the glitter. Glue is going to be another $5.)

  2. FeelinForYa

    What a nice quiet ending. Heh.

    Hubris now has to deal with the post mortem.

    Tux reglittering should take a can of 505, and about a pound of glitter. Spray A on it then dump the bag of B on it, and make sure to have a garbage bag under the suit and voila. :)

    • KNO3

      Better keep that secret or we’ll be seeing lots of “vampires” for Halloween.

  3. FeelinForYa

    TSOJ talk about cross typing and posting. I didn’t see yours until after mine posted.

    Nah, he should be able to get a can of spray adhesive and a pound of glitter for the $20

  4. GregCravens

    I think it’s more of a ‘shake-n-bake’ approach. You put the tux in a hanging wardrobe bag, spray a little 3M 77 in there, fill the bottom of the bag with glitter and zip the whole thing shut. Then SHAKE THE SNOT out of it for a good ten minutes. There you go.

  5. PWhitney

    Durnell knows what’s important. Glitter!

  6. AllanVS

    He’s back to his southern drawl, I see.

    • GregCravens

      Yep. I tried to keep Durnell’s drawl confined to personal time and moments of alarm, and his FM deejay voice only into the microphone.

      • FeelinForYa

        I know a lot of singers and pro voice people, you just can’t believe how they can sound on and off mike sometimes. Our local small TV news anchor, had this deep incredible voice, and if you ever heard him off… you would not believe that that was the same dude!

        ShakeNbake might not work on the suit as it would get glitter all over the inside too, that stuff loves to collect glue and stick where it isn’t supposed to be, and Durnell would chafe too much if he had the lining full, wearing it, and sweat. Most industrial sized containers of glitter look like a parmesan cheese dispenser, and you just shake it onto your surface then turn it over and let gravity and a little shake get the extra off.

        • AllanVS

          CityTV in Toronto has had a deep voice anchor for over 30 years. First was Mark Dailey ( his voice was just that deep, he died in 2010.) and now we have a new guy but I can’t find mention of him on the web.
          Mark Dailey… a true legend of the Deep Voice.

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