Hubris- The Fat Lady Hums a Few Bars…

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Yep. The Peace. The Quiet. The get to try to get the porta guys to come GET, to get the trash service to haul the skip dumpsters, and spending four days cleaning up the trash that’s everywhere. THEN there’s the postmortem.

    I love Ed Honcho and Ms Wiggins Ross having a big discussion there on who’s lamebrain idea the balloon release and crate thing is. Poor Lowell. Low geek on the totem pole is about to get it… run after the balloons Lowell, don’t come back…

  2. TSOJ

    Next comes the post-convention depression.

  3. Crazeyal Dah Debil
    Crazeyal Dah Debil

    And you know exactly how he’ll get over it…

    • TSOJ

      Yeah, by returning to his original plan to buy up Sportsmart and firing the snot out of Lowell.

      • KNO3

        …and promoting… Paste?

  4. AllanVS

    ~Takes deep breath in through my nose and out through the mouth~
    Ok, lets start planning it for 2014.

    • KNO3

      After clean up. Heh.

      • FeelinForYa

        Yeah I’m betting Hubris’ pastime will be sleep like a cat for about 4 days after this is over and the postmortems are dealt with. No amount of caffeine is going to get him started.

        Worse… I’m betting Paste has promptly been fired at Sportsmart (because after all the dude’s under 14) and is once more at the counter at Outdoor Galore (and getting booed because he was a SSshark)

  5. TGIF

    The art of today’s comic is exceptional both in itself and in its contrast from Greg’s usual style.

    This is would go high if Greg ever holds an auction.

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