Hubris- Here it comes…

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  1. TSOJ

    Hey, I’m not getting any email… What gives? I registered for the fest, where’s my email?

  2. FeelinForYa

    YEEHAH! I GOT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (oh what a finish, Greg)

  3. AllanVS

    I gots no emails either. :'(

  4. GregCravens

    We’re playin’ pretend here, guys. Until I raise enough money to start The Outdoor Galore Store for reals, anyhow.

    • TSOJ

      So, where’s my pretend email?

      • GregCravens

        I pretended to send it.

        • TSOJ

          Woohoo! I pretended to receive it! Woohoo!
          Now, to the hunt!

          • Greg Cravens

            NOW you’re in the game!!

          • FeelinForYa

            Too late, already been there. Aw, well, I’ll share a fistful of the pretend swag with ya anyways. :) I get the 3x tee though!

          • TSOJ

            It’s all because my email firewall was only pretending to work. Sigh.

  5. TSOJ

    I like the Three Stooges in the back, near Ed Honcho.

  6. Thriller87

    Love this strip

  7. FeelinForYa

    Looking at this again… Sportsmart put the coupons on balloons full of helium and released them? In some areas that is a major littering fine as wildlife could eat the bits if they burst… and there is a helpful sportsmart coupon attached to the debris on each one. Ed Honcho is so going to have this one backfire…

  8. TSOJ

    Actually, I’m surprised that Fish&Flax Food Ingots is still at the Fest, given how sick those things made everyone…

    • FeelinForYa

      Remember, they said only the expired ones that got handed out by accident caused the great ‘laxative incident’. The ones that weren’t, were supposed to be pretty good, and it was mentioned so… apparently the fest goers had settled out about that, the food got better; and after the Snake Oil people clued in and provided coffee in the morning, it sounded like everyone was happy. Or happier….

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