Tie You Up

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  1. TSOJ

    Yeah, Team CriUs!

  2. KNO3

    Here’s a real life version of Extreme Hackey Sack, although these guys are wimps and use sticks (must be the tenderfoot version)…


  3. FeelinForYa

    roflmao, TSOJ

    • TSOJ

      Actually, I screwed the joke up. It should be “Team CrisUs”.

      • AllanVS

        … and there goes my thunder. Stealin’ jokes ain’t cool bro! :P

        • TSOJ

          Sorry. I’ll loan you one of mine to be used for a later strip.

          • AllanVS

            Consider it a deal. :D LOL

  4. toothandclaw


  5. Crazeyal Dah Debil
    Crazeyal Dah Debil

    DIBS ON THE TROPHY! *reloads*

    • AllanVS

      *Drops some florescent pink balls in my gun* We share, or you become Pink my Fellow Al. :D

    • PWhitney

      Remember… there is no I in Team Us (is it Us or US)?

  6. Greg

    Sorry I haven’t been part of the conversation here for a while. Just got back into town. Went to St. Simon’s Island GA, where GlynnArts was doing a retrospective of Jack Davis’ career. I got a signed book, and taught some classes and had a blast.

    Now… Gotta think of a way to spiral a whole ‘nother storyline out of the dregs of this one, don’t I?

    • TSOJ

      Welcome back!
      Did you get a chance to meet Mr. Davis? Photos?

      The next story… Hubris spends the next 6 months in court fighting off the legal suits against him.
      Hubris spends the next 6 months cleaning up after the fest.
      The fest is so wildly successful that it gets a one sentence mention in the newspaper, and 20,000 videos on youtube, leading someone else in East Bulgaria to invite him over to help run their unsuccessful 6th annual events…

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