Hubris- Can’t stop the signal

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Ah, I’m saving some of my non colored pages up and can someday print off my very own Hubric Coloring Book!

    • Greg Cravens

      Oh, man. I could do such a fun coloring/activity book for Hubris. You think I should?

      • FeelinForYa

        Ohgods sign me up for an advance sale.

  2. Grudgesettler

    Oh, I have so been waiting to see this.

  3. KNO3

    Zel Jel Stunt Gel and Burn Cream is the winner!

  4. TSOJ

    Durnell: “And, there… goes the signal!”

  5. toothandclaw

    Practice? Bah! I don’t need no practice! Let’s get this thing started!

  6. AllanVS

    Oh joy! Can’t wait.

  7. PWhitney

    Who from Team US is in the Extreme Hacky-Sack game?

    • FeelinForYa

      dunno, I was drawn in maroon, so that means it wasn’t me. The guy early on in the sombrero, Greg took the sombrero off and HE’s the dude for Team US.

      • KNO3

        Whoever it is remember to use Zel Jel Stunt Gel.

    • TSOJ

      Alan is the guy in the sombrero, who was standing in for Greg. He assigned Ike to the BMX competition, Jacob to the triathlon, and Mark to extreme hacky-sack. (For Sportsmart, it was Paste, Bob and Lowell. For Team Crisis, it was Nikki, Coach Potato, and Dick.)

      • FeelinForYa

        Vic, I think…

        For Mittleif’s…

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