Hubris- Never guess never

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  1. TSOJ

    Hubris: “Whatever. Ok, I’ll bite. The owner of Tarmart married our field doctor and ran off to Vegas and now we’ve got no medical support.”
    Kelly: “No! Rick Mittleif ran into Chase R. Ambule and they sued each other and now we’ve got no insurance! But, your answer is correct, too.”

  2. kstormgemini

    Oh I hate when people do that. That or, “Guess what…!”
    I don’t wanna. Either tell me already or go away. I couldn’t care less either way, ya see I Was in the middle of doing something I Actually wanted to do. No it doesn’t matter what it was, it was something I wanted to do more than have a stray nut whizzed up on sugar, caffeine and energy boosters dance around in my way like a chihuahua on speed that has to pee.
    I know I sound cranky, but I’ve had people do this to me all too often. I’ll be in the middle of wasting time doing nothing and They come along and want to take a big fat bite out of it like it was their right or something. Annoys me no end. Xp
    If it’s important then spit it out, don’t be cutesy about it. So meh.
    ~sorry. working on day… well I kinda lost count after the fourth or fifth day straight with no sleep and it seems to me that was some time ago… =,x;~

    • KNO3

      They: Guess what?
      Me: Don’t want to hear it.

  3. FeelinForYa

    Hubris has finally hit the plateau required to work some of the shows and fairs I have been a part of. Nothing surprises you anymore… I have so resembled that second panel….

    With luck after the fest is over, Hubie won’t need permament medications to be a happy fellow….

    My guess is Nikki stooped to a date with Paste just because she thinks the little gnome is cute in an Alfred E Neumann way and she’s trying to do dateblock against a REAL ewwwww….

  4. AllanVS

    Welcome to the world of adult hood Huby.

    BTW everyone, go to
    and read todays strip. I have a feeling the author was channeling Greg. *L*

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