Hubris- Guy Thing

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  1. FeelinForYa

    I Win! I said it’d take him longer than 5 min to sort that one out! WeeHoo!

    • KNO3


  2. TSOJ

    Jane Goodall: “In the meantime, I’m going to mate with ‘Zippy’, ’cause just sitting around here for 7 months taking notes is going to drive me loopy…”

  3. toothandclaw

    Not gonna lie. I’d watch the hell out of a primatology documentary called “People of the Mall”.

  4. AllanVS

    Poor paste!
    I remember my first “kiss” … it had the same effect.
    My then “girlfriend” (who I’d see at the library, as we went to different schools, and lived about 1km apart, and being 12 I wasn’t allowed to cross the busy 6 lane road…) invited me to her birthday party. There was her, her mom, and 5 of her female friends. Oh, and me.
    We went to Olive Garden, did the eating and the birthday cake thing, then went back to their house.
    She opened presents, mine being a teddy and some candy.
    When her mom went to get the ice cream and cake she’d made, my girl came over, grabbed the front of my shirt, pulled me forward and kissed me. My head just about exploded. I was dizzy. It wasn’t a great kiss, but meh, it was my “first real kiss”, and it was in front of her friends. LOL

    • FeelinForYa

      Nothing like when us gals figure out what estrogen is for :D

      • AllanVS

        Damn … women finding out what makes a guys head explode. So not fair… :P

        • FeelinForYa

          Ah, yes, the drawbacks of testosterisone… hehehe

  5. GregCravens

    Oh, YEAH!

  6. Tom S
    Tom S

    Good theory, definitely has some merits. Wasn’t that coordinated on a bike so I had to resort to juggling and bass-playing.

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