The lure of Shelby Forest isn’t just the disc golf, or the camping, or the hiking, or the fishing, or the miles of roads you can bike on.  Not even just the raptor rehab project in the nature center.  Heck, some people don’t even know half that stuff is out there.

But everyone knows about the General Store.  Taxidermized critters, snakeskins draped on the rafters, every kind of soda you could want, hamburgers made to greasy order, and all the rest. ALL the rest.  Name something you imagine would be in a hundred-year-old store.  It’s got a good chance of waiting on you there at the General Store. Name something you’d like from the average quicky market any time in the last twenty years.  Probably in there somewhere.  Fishing lures, VHS tapes, used paperbacks, bent-nail-puzzles, snacks, pickled eggs, candy bars you’d have sworn they don’t make any more.  Go check it out.