Some of you guys have very kindly asked me to put up some photos of the New Orleans trip.  I oblige.

From the New Orleans Zoo. I’m always on the lookout for interesting helmets. How did the Aztecs skate in these things? Or maybe this is Buddha. Did Buddha skate?


Even if you don’t have small children, if there seem to be more than enough strollers at the rental booth, get one. Much better than carrying the camera, the camera bag with another camera and more lenses in it, tripod, souvenirs, umbrella, maps, sunscreen etc. on your person.


The first of two wedding parades we saw on Bourbon street.


One of the test shots that would eventually lead to the photo shoot that involved my arm injury.


There you go for now.  I’ll post more things later.  New Orleans is a fine, fine town, and this trip was the first for me to take my kids along.  There was much more spending-time-in-places-with-expensive-tickets than my wife and I usually do.  The WWII museum is, however, great and well worth the expense.  Go if you have the chance.  Probably never would have made the time if the kids hadn’t wanted to go, and that would have been a shame.  And they don’t allow photos there, so you won’t see any photos here.