Okay, so you know about Hubriscomics.com, or you wouldn’t be here right now.  And you might know that Hubris also runs on Comics.com, in a delayed-but-catching-up-horrifically-fast sort of way.

Occasionally, though, Hubris turns up elsewhere.  Like HERE

I like that site.  They guy reads deep, and seems to get my points, even if they’re buried in a silly sort of foreground.


Might be why he also talks a lot about editorial cartoons.  You expect a little depth out of the cleverer editorial cartoons.  Not all of them.  Some are just silly drawings that say no more than “Everyone knows that politician is stupid because he’s not on our side!”  If you assume I’m pointing a finger at either the right or the left, you’re wrong.  If you assume I’m pointing a finger at various cartoonists on both sides, you’re correct.


Anyhow.  Keep your eyes trained on THIS SITE, too, because Danielle Corsetto is running some guest strips for the next week, starting today.  You might see Hubris if you’re paying attention.  Of course, you’ll probably wind up reading a few hundred of her strips, once you get to know her characters.  That is, assuming you’re not already reading her work, and you’re old enough to enjoy it.  Kids, stick with Hubris for a couple of years… til you’re old enough to know why the opposite sex makes you nervous.  “‘Cause they’ve got cooties” is not the answer.

This is Danielle’s caricature of herself. I stole it off her site. She draws very well.