Hubris- Freedumb

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  1. TSOJ

    Is that Paste in a wagon preparing to ride the half-pipes?

  2. FeelinForYa

    Nice touch, Hubris. Offer them to the SportsMart employee WHO TURNED THEM DOWN TOO! Let Lowell explain that one!

    • KNO3

      Easy. Uh… do YOU want this?

      • TSOJ

        Ed Honcho: “Hell no. I got whole closets of this crap. By the way, you’re fired.”

  3. SKleefeld

    Wohoo!! This means I got a wagon after all! :D

  4. FeelinForYa

    Yay Sean! I looked at the person on the halfpipe, he drew me with long sleeves but I had maroon on not purple. Darnit. That’s not me up there trying to break my nose for the 5th time….

  5. AllanVS

    Ain’t Mr Fat Ass Allan either. *LOL*

  6. crazeyal

    c-can I have a Wagon?? NO?!?! Fine.. I’ll take the crap. *tap**tap**tap* Ebay listing.. “CURSED SPORTSGEAR” muwhahahahhaha Top bidder.. PASTE..

  7. PWhitney

    Just for me? Man, that is so nice. Thanks!

  8. KNO3
    • PWhitney

      Dude! That is so true! It totally beats a Segway! I want one!

    • FeelinForYa

      OMG I so NEED one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe-Some! (actually I’d have to get two as I think my better half would not get off it until he was in traction and getting full body skin grafts)

  9. Grudgesettler

    I just love how Lowell opens with “The Bosses are angered.” Is Hubris supposed to give a crap?

    • FeelinForYa

      Bosses? hehehehe. Ed Honcho, then She Who Must Be Obeyed (I bet Ed does a very GOOD ‘Yes Dear’ to his VP)

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