Hubris- Hindsight

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Lowell is getting so dipped. You do have to start feeling sorry for him sometime here…. [still say Ed Honcho should be served for back unpaid child support he blew off for his love child (aka Lowell) during the doings…]

  2. TSOJ

    Paste: “Asses and elbows! Video at 10!”

  3. AllanVS


  4. Tom S
    Tom S

    Kinda feel sorry for Ms. Wiggins-Ross for having to put up with Lowell (at least I would if she weren’t a heartless corporate entity wanting to acquire the Outdoor Galore Store). Also makes me wonder if Paste might be acting as informant, or thinking about acting as informant.

    • GregCravens

      Pretty good speculation.

      I’m not tellin’.


      • FeelinForYa

        Informant to which side? That’s the gold plated question.

      • KNO3

        Informant? Maybe. I’m thinking that Ms. Wiggins-Ross might become a regular…

        • FeelinForYa

          Yeah, and she has to dump Ed for Lowell/Joel, he’s aleady adrool… opposites attract…

          • KNO3

            Yup opposites attract, then bitterly divorce… usually.

            Sometimes there is a really horrific break up as well.

  5. JusSayin

    “Opposites Attract”.

    Cheers, Season 5, John Cleese as Simon, the world’s greatest couples counselor.

    ” Diane: Well, what about the idea that opposites attract?
    Simon Finch-Royce: Ah, the song of the TRULY desperate.”

    For Mobile:

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