Hubris- Eaky-Snay

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  1. crazeyal

    Good god, it IS April 1st.. I get first post!!

    And.. I bet Paste is just playing with.. yeah.. he’s that dumb… *sigh*

  2. FeelinForYa

    Ed Honcho has lost, Hubris already emptied his store out it sounds like.

    I still say Joel/Lowell is Ed’s love child and the authorities are going to show up to hit him with the bill for the child support.

    It IS April Fool’s Day, too.

  3. TSOJ

    Paste: “And I want in.”

  4. AllanVS

    I an-cay eak-spay ig-Pay atin-Lay ery-vay ast-fay.
    I can speak pig latin nearly as fast I can speak English … it’s quite scary sometimes.

    • GregCravens

      That there’s a good skill for fun times!

  5. crazeyal

    FFY.. you are not counting on the craftiness of the execs. They have already tried to claim credit for the event continuing. The idea isn’t to sell out in the short term. The long term is the key. Hubris’s little independent shop just became a MAJOR competitor to a huge chain. There WILL be war..

  6. Lord_Beavis

    Discovered your work at MidSouthCon31. You have a new fan now.

    • Greg Cravens

      Welcome to Team Hubris! Glad you’re here!

    • AllanVS

      Greg has a new minio… I mean fan. Woo Hoo!

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