You ever wonder what the Hubris gags sound like in my head before they wind up on paper and thereafter on your computer?

It’s probably not what you think.  In fact, it’s what I think, and my brain’s not wired in an efficient manner.

So you’re getting the edited down images and words.  Granted, I let myself roam fairly freely, but let’s take yesterday’s cartoon, for example.  Mick’s trying to climb the wall.  The description of that cartoon wandered far afield with concepts that will probably make it into the strip someday (Tshirt cannons and Red Bull cans… Teaser! Spoiler!)

On the other hand, sometimes I do pictures that elaborate on a few words.  It’s easier to do when working with a partner.

Jay Schiller, years ago, sent me scripts for a Florida editorial cartoon we used to do.  One of the scripts dealt with the death of Princess Diana.

His script said, “Draw a Paparazzi in the casket with her, taking a photo.”  Nice.  Elegant.  Says a lot.  Well done, Jay.

So I drew this:

I’m still very pleased with it.  It’s dark, somber, it’s a subtle indictment of the practices of the paparazzi ( I think that anytime you’re followed down the street by shouting people who are taking your photo without permission and with intent for their own profit, that’s a bit of an attack, you know?  Self defense come into play there?  Maybe.)

So there you go.  Words and Pictures.