Hubris- Technicalitiness

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  1. FeelinForYa

    Notice he looks more than a touch like Paste? Love it where Darnell has an engineering hammer to sort out the wusses from the ones in compliance… nice simple way to enforce ‘wear a helmet because our insurance DEMANDs it’ hehehehe

  2. Deja Moo
    Deja Moo

    Here’s a quote I read years ago: “I never wear a helmet unless I have something to put in it.”

  3. TSOJ

    I love Durnell’s look of happy anticipation.

  4. Lazy J
    Lazy J

    oh lordy where does Hubris find these bumpkins and village idiots?

    • KNO3

      Bumpkin Inc. and village idiotica. That’s where super villains get henchmen.

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