Here we are again, guessing where in the world Hubris (in sticker form) might be.  In this first photo, you see that he’s on a traffic barricade.  Carefully study the construction of the barricade.  Look closely at the plants behind, and at the landforms.  Hmmmmmmmm.

In the next shot, the Team Hubris Member has widened the field a bit…  Oh, the telltale concrete, the dead give-away of the power and telephone lines.  There’s only ONE place on Earth where you will find guy-wires attached in just that way to a pole.  Wait!  The wood that pole is made of!  Ah-HA!! Now, I have… nothin’.

Okay, the THIRD photo has a particular landform in it.  Geologists! This particular structure is called….?  Riiiiiight.  So.  WHERE IS HUBRIS??