I bought one of the skate decks that I put in the Outdoor Galore Store zazzle site (click on the OGS logo over on the left if you want to know about that) and I was going to keep it all nice and neat for display at conventions and stuff next year.

But I couldn’t stand it.  So I took off the plain silver trucks with the plain, clean white wheels.

And I went to Midtown Skate Shop and asked them for the most garish good gear I could afford on there.

And now I have a new toy.  Here’s some photos before I learn enough tricks to tear it up.  I can only roll in, do some fairly pretty kick turns,  and whatever combinations you can make from that.  When I can drop in, and do some grinds or something, I imagine the board will look the worse for wear.  At the moment, aside from the very ends of the tails and some chipping here and there from wipeouts, it still looks sharp.  Good job, zazzle.