The other day at the skatepark, the newspaper (the Commercial Appeal, who no longer runs The Buckets and fired their staff editorial cartoonist Bill Day, and therefore can be ignored.) sent Chris Desmond out to photograph the lovely and talented Aaron Schafer, who was instrumental in getting the city to back a gorgeous skatepark and quit just putting up signs everywhere else that said “no skating”.  Chris took photos of other people who were there, too.  This is one he took of me.  Note the elaborately colored helmet I took from my oldest son.  Note the way the sunlight plays upon the bristles where my hair used to be.  Oh, yes, I’m one fine lookin’ stud.

Photo by Chris Desmond

That was, indeed sarcasm, for those of you who didn’t catch it.  I look like someone’s dad at the skatepark. I am someone’s dad at the skatepark. But at least I’m one of the dads that skate.