Hubris- Thinking?

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  1. TSOJ


  2. Crazeyal

    Burnt hair, first – possibly second degree burns, contusions, scrapes, cuts.. got off light according to his usual MO..

  3. AllanVS

    “did you film it? did you film it? did you? huh? did you?”

  4. Me

    The best part of those crash-n-burn videos is usually what you hear going on BEHIND the camera… “Dude. I think I got most of it” and “Are you okay, Bro? … Bro?…” and “Oh, man, I wish you could see that!”

  5. PWhitney

    Paste… think? The world would stop rotating on its axis if Paste ever thought crazy stuff through.

  6. demoncat

    paste was thinking is it on camera and is it on you tube yet so i can bask in my glory as a new star . though think the blast from the extinquisher might now have scrambled paste brain

  7. Lazy J
    Lazy J

    -face palm- solution military school…err maybe thats not such a good idea considering he would be learning to use weapons…oh better idea ship jim off to a buddhist temple to become a monk

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