Hubris- TCB in a Flash

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  1. AllanVS

    Oh … bright lig… Why is Durnell in a TUX for an OUTDOOR SPORTING event? What is it? Lawn Bowling? Horse Shoes? Bocci?

    • Linda Deans
      Linda Deans

      I bet it comes off (just like a dancers), and underneath is a pair of biking shorts and a t-shirt…

  2. GregCravens

    Oh, that’s right. I haven’t filled in Durnell’s backstory for anyone yet, have I….?Oh, what an oversight on my part. Hmm. Might as well roll with it for now. So, Ladiiiiieeeees and Gentlemen, Chil’ren of Aaaaaall ages, I give you: Durnell Haaaaaawwwwwwk! Bam. Boom.

  3. Crazeyal

    Things going marginally right for Hubris.. All I see is a higher mountain to fall off of..

  4. Zaphod

    Waiiiit wait wait… Durnell the redneck? The same Durnell that was last saw in the Oct 7 strip? Yeah, bit of a gap in backstory, but I still can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Keep up the good work Greg.

  5. kstormgemini

    Hmmm… Durnell cleans up pretty nice… Despite the sequiny get-up.
    And yes, backstories are lovely! Not being sarcastic. I love reading about how somebody got to be where and when.
    But it’s not completely necessary in some cases. Especially in a comic like yours where the people pretty much tell you who and what hey are in their behaviors and actions.
    So if/when you decide there’s a time n place for Durnell’s story, I’ll be happy to read it. But no pressure. =)

  6. TSOJ

    Remember, guys, WHY Durnell Hawk is in the Fest in the first place – he’s the cheaper version of skateboard great Tony Hawk. What he does on-stage stays on stage.

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