Hubris- Sign Ups and Downs

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  1. TSOJ

    Mr. Foot really prefers people to call him by his nickname: “Stardust”. He won’t give an inch on this.

  2. AllanVS

    Mr. Foot is a LOT taller than his namesake, Ziggy. *LOL*

  3. GregCravens

    And Mr. Foot is wearin’ pants, which Ziggy has stalwartly insisted he will never do…

    • Linda Deans
      Linda Deans

      Ziggy does wear pants at times…swimming trunks, etc…

    • AllanVS

      I’ve seen him wear pants at least a dozen times … not often, but he does.

  4. kstormgemini

    Ah, so that’s why I don’t like paperwork… I just thought it was because I was allergic to bureaucratic b.s. X1
    But I have to agree with the “if you couldn’t find four friends to sign up with, I’d be more worried that they wouldn’t like You,” one. Seems a bit obvious but I’ve noticed some people need that sort of pointed out to them on occasion. 99;;

    On a different note, as usual, I’m enjoying the read. May you never get bored with doing the strip or run out of ideas for it. ^_^

  5. TSOJ

    What do you get if Zig is together with his two other brothers?

    • AllanVS

      Not sure … what?

      • TSOJ

        I’m not sure. What does 3 Foots make?

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