Well, I’m really new to this book thing.  But here I am flogging another book.  I just got my big box of them and sat down to look through the printed version.  I like it.  I’ve been doing The Buckets  comic strip for a long while, with a few disappointing outcomes over publishing a new Buckets book.  After this last time, I figured I needed a book no matter what, and asked John Lotshaw with Moonbase Press to set it up for me.  He did, and now I know what everyone in my family and group of friends are getting for Christmas.   If you have family and friends, I encourage you to consider The Exhausted Parents Guide To Why Your Life Is Normal.

I went back through six years of Buckets strips, reading each one.  The ones that made me laugh out loud were used in this book.  So that’s what you’re getting: distilled Buckets O’ Funny.  Concentrated Humor in a neat package.  Remember to get extras, ’cause you’re gonna want to cut one of them up to put your favorite cartoons on the fridge and on your office door.  See?  That’s me being helpful.  Christmas and birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Hannukah, Eid, Festivus, Agnostica, Solstice, New Year, Black Friday… I honestly do not wish to interfere with your right to give and receive celebratory gifts  in your own freely-chosen fashion, within the bounds of your country’s attempts to legally restrict any antisocial craziness going on.  I’m just sellin’ books here.  Enjoy.