There should have been fanfare.  I had planned to say something and maybe do a little doodle to celebrate the 300th Hubris strip posting on the site.  I missed it.

I was scrambling to get ready for the Kenosha Festival of Cartoon Art, and buying a laptop, and writing my talk (and rewriting the talk) and figuring out Powerpoint (not bad.  Powerpoint is made for slow learners like me, I guess).

And 300 went by, like five or six strips ago.  The archive reads 313, but there are 7 or 8 things that I don’t quite count as strips that have been posted under ‘comic’ since we started, so really, the count should be 306, I think.

Ah, well.  We’ll have to make a big deal out of it when we get to 400 or 500, I  guess.