I may have mentioned that I do career day at a couple of schools around here.  Add to that, walking a big dog to drop off and pick up my kids at school, and you get a few students who know what I do for a living.  A young man named DeVarelier Mitchell shows me some of his artwork now and again.  And he asked if I could publish a cartoon he drew.  Of course, I said “yes”.  Publishing isn’t what it used to be, apparently.  When I was a kid, getting published meant knowing somebody who worked at the local paper, or at least at a screenprint shop that needed some work on the cheap.  Now?  Ask that kid’s dad, the one with the webcomic if he’ll pop it on there one Tuesday.

Anyhow, here’s DeVarelier’s cartoon.  If you’d like to see it nice and large you’ll have to click on it, and then maybe click on it again until you get the huge version.  I took the blue notebook lines out for you, and I made up a little sketchbook for DeV, so he can draw on unruled paper for a bit.  I think he has a big future in mutant violence comics.  I’m sure you agree.

Would you like to be ‘published’?  I’d prefer things with skateboards and bikes and such in it, or maybe even Hubris or Kara or somebody, but hey, if you read the Hubris, the least I can do for you is use a Tuesday here and there to get you published… whatever that means in these days of digital media.