Hubris- The man with the plan

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  1. TSOJ

    “Yes, it is, Mr. Cravens, sir!”

  2. maxmanatarms

    ^ you sure are awesome.

  3. Crazeyal

    The corporate suits ALWAYS have money for things THEY want… Methinks Lowell’s abilities are going to get “noticed”.. in a bad way..

  4. PWhitney

    It’s like you read our minds, man. How do you do it?

  5. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    Stay out of my head Greg!!

  6. AllanVS

    What the heck?!

  7. Greg Cravens

    I’m glad to see that when I deal in sarcasm that everyone deals with me in kind. Okay, so, now I think I have one more Sportsmart Team strip to tidy them up, and everyone goes to the Outdoor Galore Store to see the final preparations for the Big Kickoff Ceremony. There will be blood.

  8. demoncat

    this strip proves what a gift you really have greg. and love how the exec keeps smiling even after pasty says who are you . that may back fire on lowel

  9. TSOJ

    “There will be blood.”

    Yay, blood!

  10. AllanVS

    Oh bloody hell. hahaha see what I did there? do ya see it? haha

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