Hubris- Drink the Korp-Aid

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  1. AllanVS

    Greg … you were warned about drinking kool-aid™ man! :D

  2. GregCravens

    When the cult leader moves your whole fambly to a South American country into a mountain village and tells you he’s the creator of the universe… The kool-aid sounds like the least of your worries at that point. That whole story always spooks me bad.

  3. Jeff Cravens
    Jeff Cravens

    I like that fact that while Bob is lamenting the loss of his individuality to the corporate “man”, he is barefoot.

  4. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    Where is this Sportsmart? – I want to do a time warp thing and pretend its the 70s again and protest in front of their business! as Forrest Gump said. “Stupid is as stupid does”….

    Jeff, good catch on the lack of shoes…I was looking at his hair hanging down in front of his face, like he was trying to hide the shame of having been duped by Lowell into working at Sportsdork…

  5. demoncat

    poor bob he is now the slave to the man and its name is lowel and sports mart. not to mention lowel looks really cheesy in that out fit

  6. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    whooooo hoooooooooooo!!!

    Hubris is at number 64!

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