Hubris- Or Leprechaun Loogies

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  1. AllanVS

    uh … strange. Very very strange.


    Awesome! I haven’t heard that in years.

  3. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    this one made Paste just a bit more human to me…Unicorn Pee…*rofl*…I had never heard that one before…made me chuckle and like Paste just a bit…for more unicorn humor and stuff, Heavenly Nostrils at go comics is a funny, sweet strip about one….

  4. demoncat

    lol that and that paste actully likes hanging around and being lowels friend. interesting thought pasty was twelve the way he looked

  5. Bassicmetal

    Don’t you have to be at least fifteen before you are allowed to get even a part time job?

  6. GregCravens

    Probably. On the other hand, I assume Paste was working legally (through some family tax loophole or something) for his brother, Hubris, and that he lied to Sportsmart and Lowell let it slide because it suited him to do so. And on the other other hand, this is a webcomic, and the story is more important to me than objective reality. Most of the time.

  7. AllanVS

    We demand reality in our comics. *LMAO* j/k Greg.

  8. Rachel S
    Rachel S

    I’ve always liked those rainbows (though a little less once I learned what spilled oil does to the environment). Never heard the “unicorn pee” bit before though.

  9. Meme

    This is a common meme NOW – go look it up.

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