Gid The Kid says:

H & K P30 electronic air soft pistol

Its Gid again and I’m talkin’ about the P30 electronic air soft pistol

My friends and I play air soft every weekend. We love it we have a bunch of different guns: electronic, and spring, we are trying to add gas. There are 3 main types electronic spring and gas there are many different types under those categories like pistol, S.M.G (sub machine gun), rifle, sniper rifle, and mini gun the types are endless. Now the upsides to this gun are plentiful but I’ll only use some. The P30 can be full auto and semi auto. Semi auto is more accurate and strong. Full auto you shoot faster and have a better chance on hitting the target. This pistol is a blow back pistol. Which means it cocks its self when it shoots. Instead of constantly cocking the gun. It also has an accessory bar on the front bottom of the gun. My friends and I mount a grip on it. Which helps you steady your aim just a little bit. Electronic pistols are also hard to find at a low price that are actually good, just hard to find altogether. Now we have to see a few down sides. The magazine is only16 pellets. Which fly by on full auto. Sometimes you need to use full auto. Some times if you shoot on semi the first shot wont shoot out, but will come out the second time I guess it just needs to warm up. When it shoots on semi or full it still jolts your arm because of the blowback. Now for my rating I give it a 10 out of 10. It’s so awesome.

Shop you an airsoft gun, y’all.  Perfect for home defense… against squirrels.

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H&K P30 Electric Airsoft Pistol - 0.24/180FPS