Hubris- Before and After

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  1. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Every time I start to stock the beer cooler…

  2. AllanVS

    Too true! Too true!

  3. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    sometimes its better than you could ever have dreamed as well…

  4. PWhitney

    Reality is so harsh…

  5. GregCravens

    A lot of the store-based humor here comes from hanging around my dad’s store when I was a kid. He sold guitars, amplifiers, sound equipment, drums, you get the idea. People would assume the craziest stuff- that there were jam sessions going on all the time or that Dad was a musician who played in a band somewhere “in his free time”, or that if you worked at the store that you got to play all the instruments on a whim or something. Same thing comes from being a cartoonist. I’ve talked to people who assume I sit around in my underpants laughing my head off and doodling all the time.

    when, of course, I’m sitting around in sweatpants trying desperately to finish up some Tshirt design I got hooked into for a couple hundred bucks and wishing to heaven that I had time to ride my bike.

  6. demoncat

    hubris should have relized that once the shop happen he would have to proably not be able to fullfill his every whim if he wants the cash to do so.

  7. GregCravens

    Hubris? You’d think I’D have figured out that I couldn’t go outside if I had to do another comic strip about going outside. But, what I don’t learn, Hubris doesn’t learn, I reckon…

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