Hubris- It had to be you

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  1. demoncat

    lol love how long its taking lowell to get the joke from hubris though he is right in a way he does give Hubris something to complain about

  2. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    A bit of a dark note makes all the rest seem so much brighter.

  3. AllanVS

    Some ice for that burn, Lowell … or do you prefer polysporin?

  4. Linda Deans
    Linda Deans

    Ya know, I think its his name. No one I have ever known named Lowell has ever fared well socially. One was even generally hated. It was evena badge of honor to be able to say how he ticked you off this time. He should check into legally changing his name to George, Joe, or even Allan…*lol*…

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