Hubris- Silver linings

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  1. AllanVS

    Lowell you nimkumpoop! You dipstick … you moron. You’re acting just like me (Greg, get out of my thoughts!) … you have to buck up, and see the silver lining (damn, now I sound like my therapist and aunt, combined, and he’s 70’s, she’s 65! *LOL*).

  2. demoncat

    sorry Lowell you just blew what could be a friendship by going back to when my store puts hubris out of business for odds are the last thing he will want to do if that happens is be friends with the guy who made hubris lose his business

  3. Crazeyal

    Is it me, or is Lowell’s stupidity actually generating PITY from Hubris??

  4. kstormgemini

    … Would it make me seem a bad person if I wasn’t one of the people saying “poor Lowell”? Sorry but I’ve never been any good at pretending to like somebody or feel pity for them when I just didn’t like them.
    Hey, I can’t help it. Right, wrong or indifferent, I’m one of those “If I like ya, I love ya. If I don’t, I wouldn’t care if ya got hit by a bus” people. [shrugs]

    But I am and have been saying poor Hubris. Poor guy gets taken for granted way too much.

  5. Crazeyal

    Why would it make you a bad person? Lowell *IS* a bad person!! He’s selfish, clueless, physically repulsive, and downright … heyyyy it almost sounds like .. We Were SUPPOSED TO HATE HIM!!!

  6. GregCravens

    Ha! You sound like me explaining television shows.

  7. kstormgemini

    Actually, not to come off bipolar but Lowell doesn’t strike me as a “bad” person. Egocentric self centered jack ass of a dick Yes, but I’ve known many an a$$h**e that was just… Well… An A$$h**e. They honestly never understood that they were doing or being anything negative. Sometimes all it took was somebody pointing it out to them that “ya know what? People Might like ya if ya weren’t always being such a dick.”
    Not saying Lowell is one of those kinds of people, just saying it’s possible. Nobody, with few exceptions, is Completely all bad or good and some of us just have a bad tendency to be more stupid than others.

    [shrugs] But then I’ve always tended to play devil’s advocate just because I can see more than one side of things.
    No, I’m not saying I Like Lowell or will ever care about what happens to him. Just saying for the sake of argument that academically speaking, somebody had to say Something in the dumb moron’s defense just to keep things fair.

    Annnd Imma gonna shut up and ghost again now. [poofs]

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