Hubris- The man for the job

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  1. PWhitney

    Hubris can’t ever catch a break!

  2. kstormgemini

    Poor Hubris. [shakes head]
    What PWhitney said.

  3. GregCravens

    Just wait til you find out what Paste has in mind for the zipline at the Outdoorfest.

  4. Linda Dean
    Linda Dean

    why am I the teensiest bit scared for Paste?

  5. GregCravens

    Paste? The adrenaline fueled egomass with delusions of both grandeur and invulnerability? No idea why you’d be scared for him. He won’t NEED those knees by they time he’s thirty five.

  6. demoncat

    hubris does nt want paste to get hurt too bad for he does not want the cops accusing him of trying to whack him . for paste is proving to be just like hubris crazy and evil kinevel to the max

  7. melanie

    Love this and the buckets. I read both daily!

  8. Greg Cravens

    I’m very grateful!

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