Back to the impossible (and small) photo guessing game.  Again- sorry for the inconvenience of the tiny photos, but there are some irregularities with the settings on the phone/camera in question.

So.  New photo and hints…I don’t know if this’ll help, but here’s Ken Venable and his family.  Those of you who’ve perused the funny stories we occasionally supply you will remember Ken as the nice fellow who went nose-to-nose with a skunk who wanted our Spap-Oop.

I don’t know if any of the cleverer detectives among us can glean any new info from this shot, but at least Ken and his progeny are kind enough to point out the Hubris sticker.  That one may actually still be there!

As for guessing where this is- we will entertain suppositions about 1) What city it’s in or near. 2) What sort of food they serve

You guys are sharp, I bet we can guess those two things pretty quick.


Go for it.