Some of you guys are kind enough to take time to click on the Vote Hubris button over there on the right.  I have to admit that for the first few months, when it was me and maybe one or two other people consistently clicking to vote, the numbers weren’t very entertaining.  Thanks to Allan VS (regular reader and Team Hubris lieutenant, I guess) motivating folks to take the time, and thanks especially to those who answered the call, Hubris has broken 1000 votes this month– something I hadn’t expected to see so quickly.  It puts Hubris way up in the top 100, where more readers are likely to come and share the Hubris experience with us.

So- Thanks, everyone!  I really appreciate it!  And if you don’t usually vote, but don’t mind giving it a whirl, click HERE.  The voting resets at the beginning of each month, so tune in often to see how we’re doing.