Hubris- Danger’us

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  1. PWhitney

    This one is great!

  2. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I like the rednecks facial expression.

  3. AllanVS

    A very ass-tute comic today Greg. Zeroing in on societal issues. :D

  4. GregCravens

    zeroing in on several different kinds of crazy, you mean. In case anyone’s wondering, that IS how I define characters.

  5. Linda Dean
    Linda Dean

    OMG…that woman is insane! I have the name of a couple of therapists that could definitely help the people who have to deal with her. She is beyond help however….and Greg, we do read your “extra’s” and personally, I read them after I vote every day and definitely enjoy them!!

  6. Greg Cravens

    Glad you read the off-cartoon content!
    Yeah, the customer is nuts. I’m debating whether to expand on the “calling the cops to go find and help the lady” story bit, but I may just allude to it or make it a running gag. I don’t wanna poke fun at those with mental issues, but I needed someone extreme enough to show off Bob’s übercalm.
    Thanks for voting! The numbers are very gratifying these days!

  7. Jeff Cravens
    Jeff Cravens

    Dern funny. I sprayed my Talking Rain all over my computer desk.

  8. Tracy

    I think I met bob in St. Martin. :/
    Great comic today :D

  9. AllanVS

    Is anyone else, having troubles logging into TWC to vote? (I know I can do it ‘anonymously’ but I like to be logged in.)

  10. Greg Cravens

    All my log-in stuff was lost in a big crash they had a while back, like a year ago. I’ve been voting anonymously ever since.

  11. Linda Dean
    Linda Dean

    Hey GREG!!! We, er, You, somebody…ok, Hubris is ranked at number 36 today! Woooo hoooooooooooooo! Wtg Mr. Cravens!!!

  12. GregCravens

    You were right with ‘WE’. Woooohhhooooo US!

  13. Rachel S
    Rachel S

    I like that Bob was able to help Hubris in his own special way :-)

  14. Greg Cravens

    Yep. Bob is one of those good spirits.

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