Okay.  So here you go.  Where is this Hubris sticker?  What kind of visual cues can you pick out of this little photo (you can click on the little photo to see it larger if that helps) to identify this location?  Hmmmmm.  Let’s see.  Is that concrete or metal or… well it’s got plants around it.  And dirt.  And let’s see… those stickers are roughly two inches across, so the scale of the thing…




Have you worked it out yet?


You’ve narrowed it down to a possible country or at least a state or district, right?


No spoilers.  Work your brain a little before you finish scrolling down.


Got it now?


Okay, here you go:



‘Texas’ is a perfectly acceptable answer.  If you know the name of this building, you tell me.  The guy that sent me this photo didn’t specify.  Half points if you said “China”.  That’s one big star, folks.


Let me know if you would like a sticker or two to hide in plain sight.  You’ll have to trust me with your address, which I won’t sell to anyone, and you’ll have to send me photos of the place you put the sticker (they go well on bikes, skateboards and helmets too, so you might get double duty out of them- decorate your gear and a neat photo op out somewhere)  And you need to understand that if the authorities contact the site asking me to come to, say, Juno Alaska to scrape a sticker off a public restroom urinal, I will toss your name and address to them faster than a prison snitch with a hot girlfriend and a convertible waiting for him at the razorwire frontier.  Not that Juno Alaska isn’t exactly where I’d like to visit, I’m just not keen on police officers greeting me at the airport with a paint scraper and smiles under their cool police mustaches.