Here we go!  The ‘U’ logo is a clue.  And the “Ioan & Martin GXXXXXXX entre for Fine Arts” sign should be Googleable or something, right? (Googleable is MY word.  I get credit.  Adjective, per G Cravens, “Googleable”.  Yeah.  I’m sure nobody’s ever used that word before today.)

So here’s the thing- That’s all ya get.  The rest of the guessin’ can go on in the comment section this time.  I’ll let the Mystery Reader who sent the photo sneak in with the answer when he or she is darn good and ready.  He or she can even post misdirections and all.  I’m not gonna interfere with ground rules this first time. The only one is that if someone guesses correctly- the Photographalator must then step in and say “You did it.  That’s correct!” or things to that effect.

Happy Googling.