Admittedly, there’s less to work with this time, Mr. Holmes.  In fact, even with access to the answer, I can’t see how anyone could arrive at it from this.  Let’s just examine the visual cues…


Hmm.  A two inch sticker is fairly large in relation to the ‘O’ or ‘0’ that it’s stuck inside.

That means that the letter (or number) is in a smallish sign, or on a word that’s very long and needed smaller letters to fit.  Or maybe in a Sub-head on a sign?


The typeface is an austere serif face, so it’s not some roadside happy-slappy burger place.  Someplace that takes itself (or its signage) seriously.


Hmmm.  The background is a stone relief. Expensive.


Not the gray rock of the East, more the sun-burnt dun of the West, I guess.


The paint on the lettering is cracked.  Doesn’t look like wear.  Or rain damage.  Looks like sun blistering to me, but I could be wrong.


Sooo, what does that tell us?


Some signage, out West maybe, that someone spent some money on.  It’s a long sign, or has a sub-head with smallish lettering.


Any ideas?  Could be a ‘ZOO’ that has ‘O’s in it.  Could be a ‘RESORT’.  It’s not Burger King.  Wrong typeface, substrate and colors.


What COULD it be?


Tantalizing in it’s lack of clues, really.


Anyone got a good guess?


Don’t scroll down until you’ve taken a moment to consider carefully.


Throw SOMETHING out there. Don’t be lazy and say, “There’s no way to think it out, I’ma just scroll down.”


You’ll probably scroll down, see the whole sign and either say, “Oh, why didn’t I guess?  Just a guess!?” or you’ll say, out loud, “Yeah, that’s what I would have guessed, if I’d guessed.”


Cop out.


Anyhow, I suppose you have SOMETHING in mind now?  “Doctor’s Office”?  “Monument to the fallen heroes”?




Here goes:





There you go.  How was your guess?