Hubris- The Skid Lid Kid

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  1. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    That’s awesome. I wonder if they are made with the brims in back too.

  2. wisest fool
    wisest fool

    i want the hat helmet! i’ll look like i’m all kinds of dangerous without breaking my skull when i fall lol

  3. GregCravens

    I’ve got a kayak helmet that started life as a baseball batting helmet. It’s got what’s left of the bill in the back. That always confuses people to whom I loan it out.

  4. AllanVS

    I’d like a helmet that looks like a baseball cap. Wait, I’m gonna go to the Rogers Centre and steal a BlueJays batting helmet.

  5. Greg Cravens

    Go for it! You gotta grind down the edges and reshape it a little, and then you have to pop-rivet the straps in place, but it works out pretty good. Oh, and you may want to replace the open-cell foam padding with closed-cell foam.

  6. AllanVS


  7. GregCravens

    Ah! That’s right! I was supposed to get a comic ready for that.

    I’ll shoot for something later today.

    Tomorrow’s my birthday, so… Canada and Me, eh?

  8. Dannysmartful

    Cubs have a long way to go… living a few blocks from them is not as glamorous as you might imagine. *_*

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