There were, as I’ve said, a LOT of Max cartoons drawn and printed over a long period of time. The first ones were drawn on huge sheets of bristol paper, to a size that I estimated using measurements of Bloom County comic strips and then carefully studying a photo of Berke Breathed on the back of one of his books. In the photo he was holding up one of his originals- to a group of penguins, if my memory isn’t too distorted.

Anyway, the original Max cartoons were drawn HUGE with pens and brushes dipped in ink. With rulers and lettering guides and everything.

Later, they were done smaller, then finished and colored in the computer. Now, those files are so old that my copy of Illustrator (which is NOT the latest) doesn’t recognize the gradient patterns I used on them. And the files had to be rescued from 3.5 floppies, syquest cartridges and Zip drive cartridges. Now, things are on a backup hard-drive and writable DVDs.

What I’d like to do is go into the attic for you guys and find those huge old pre-computer originals, scan them and color them. I miss Max a bit. And man, some of those old strips were FUNNY.

Here’s a resurrected file found on some poor old CD in a pile, just to keep you busy.