Okay, one last picture and I’ll shut up about it for a while.  I opened up the Outdoor Galore Store Zazzle site, right?  (the button is over there on the left) and I’ve finally put some fun designs in there for shirts and pillows and water bottles and this here skate deck.  I had to order one once I got it all set up, and I’m pretty happy with it.  The bearings don’t seem to be all that I could want, but as this one is going to be my display model for conventions and stuff, I haven’t tried to break ’em in or anything.  It’d make the nice white wheels all dirty.

So- here’s what it looks like- the color’s all done up in classic Sunday Funnies dot patterns.  The design is produced in some kind of slick finish that makes the whole thing shine pretty nice.  Good grip tape on the important side, too.  And it arrived about two weeks faster than I expected it.  I can’t say that happens every time, I’ve only ordered this one, but I had Zazzle go ahead an put on the pads, trucks, bearings and wheels too- and it was, like I say, here awfully quickly.  Nice.

So, the decks themselves are $64 bucks.  The rest costs more than the board, but you can put your own hardware on it to save that money.

And, if anyone is asking- the gobbledygook that Paste is shouting?  That’s “Phooey!” and if you were thinking something ELSE, well, that was just YOU, wasn’t it?