Judy Outdoors says:

I highly recommend the Greatland Folding Outdoor Lounge chair for all those grandparents to use while watching their nephews and grandchildren surf, skateboard, ski, and perform death-defying feats on the high bar and rings at the gymnastics studio.  The chair comes equipped with a legrest and pillow and, not one but two armrest cup holders.  Said grandparent can relax, feet up, with a cold beer or a glass of wine while watching their descendants try to kill themselves.  I personally do not recommend using stemmed glasses while drinking wine, as the cup holder may jostle a bit when you jump in shock, turn over to shield your eyes, or try to stand up and cheer or curse at a referee.  While plastic cups are decidedly inferior for wine sipping, the family crystal will appreciate your sacrifice, as will the clean-up crew of your venue.


I purchased my chair at Target for a modest price and have carried it, not only to the aforementioned horrifying events, but to a brother’s cowboy music concert.  The only caveat, other than the wine glass warning, is that it can be hard for a short person to lever herself out of the chair without tipping it over.  Best to call on a tall son or decent looking stranger to help with that lest you wind up entangled in the chair and being placed in the handy nylon carry bag along with it.