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Coconut Bra

The man abuses outdoor gear, so you don’t have to

I was invited to ski the last day at Alta last year.  I found out when I got there that it was a tradition to dress up for the occasion.  I like to fit in, so on top of my shorts and ski boots, I put on a wig, a bone necklace, a bead necklace, a coconut bra, and a grass skirt.

I learned from the experience that all coconut bras are not made equal.  This particular coconut bra (I’m sorry, I didn’t get the make and model) was quite uncomfortable and not easily adjustable.  Fortunately, it was below freezing, and I lost most of the feeling in the upper part of my body, so I didn’t notice the chaffing.


  • Makes anyone instantly dead-sexy
  • Protects the nipples like nothing else I’ve worn


  • Poor adjustment
  • Not good against bare skin
  • It’s a coconut bra

 Bottom Line:

If you are going skiing at Alta on the last day, go for the Sasquatch costume… way warmer.


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Coconut Bra