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Giro G10 Ski Helmet

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I’m the guy who only bought a ski helmet when my buddy told me his wife wouldn’t let me ski with him anymore until I bought one.  I reluctantly left my Happy Humper Woolie hat at home and donned my new Giro helmet.  On the first run, I wiped out and the tip of my ski left a dent in the top of the helmet the size of a nickel.  I’ve been wearing a helmet ever since.

Last year, I bought a new Giro G-10 after trying on several brands.  On the first run, I wiped out, hit a rock, and got a dent in the top about the size of a nickel.  Go figure.

The Giro adjustment system is pretty much awesome.  It has a dial in the back that works crazy-good.  Everything about the helmet is comfortable and there are no rub spots.  I wonder if they broke into my house and measured my head when I was sleeping?

The side webbing is adjustable with quick-flip buckles, the goggle retainer in the back is big enough to use with gloves, and the vent slide is easy to find and use with gloves on as well.

The G-10 does not have a visor, which I like.  There is also nothing to keep your goggles from sling-shotting to the back of your head when you perch them on the front of the helmet.  I have spent more than a few chairlift rides trying to find my goggles as they dangled on my back.


  • Light
  • Excellent adjustment system
  • Super comfortable


  • Quick-flip buckles on side webbing occasionally pop open unannounced
  • Standard model doesn’t have goggle clips on the side

Bottom Line

Get a helmet that fits.  There’s a pretty good chance that Giro is going to fit. 


Jeff’s a pretty handy guy to have around for advice. Want to shop the Giro G10? Click the helmet below.
Giro G10 Helmet