Here we are at page 4 of the Teutonic Creepfest already.  For anyone reading along that knows the original German, I’d like to point out that on page one, it DOES say “Very freely adapted”.  I’ve seen some translations online that are probably closer in language, but I think we have the spirit of the thing, here.

Another thought comes… what happens when Hollywood finally gets around to this story?  It has the feel of a SyFy Channel CGI thing.  Maybe they could have “The Alder King Vs. Mothman and SuperGator”  It would have lots of annoyingly loud sound effects of creaking bark.

Or if it had a budget, they’d probably just hand it to some director who’d say.  “Huh.  Right.  Get Ron Perlman in here and glue some woodbark prosthetics to him and let’s knock this %$#@ out.”