If you ever want to buy a unicycle, even if you’d prefer to purchase at your local bike shop, you have to give Unicycle.com their chance first.  I’ve bought unicycles at my favorite bike store, at Unicycle.com, and on eBay.  I claim I like to purchase local, but that site is just crammed with the most amazing stuff that my bike shop just can’t stock- Just like Hubriscomics.com is crammed with stuff your local comics page isn’t giving you.

Don’t ride unicycles?  Don’t even want to?  Fine, but go check ’em out anyway.  You’ll be thunderstruck at how many kinds of Unis there are.  Commuter, offroad, trials, all kinds of stuff.  Astounding.

I finally amassed enough Unicycle.com bumper stickers that I got creative and clipped all around the ‘Unicycle.’ part to make a sticker that suited me better.